Home is not just a place, it’s a feeling, a feeling that makes you so relaxed and complete. To get this feeling every day, you should keep your house neat and clean. But if you get hooked to busy schedules quite often or expecting guests, then follow these tips to clean your house fast.

1. Make a List of Places to Be Cleaned

When you think about cleaning your entire house, you get confused about where should you start cleaning from. This thought can mess with your mind and sometimes even make you lose the tempo and motivation of cleaning. Thus, in order to make home cleaning a little easier, make a rough list of areas of your home that needs to be cleaned, mention the maximum time that you can spend on cleaning every particular room depending on its condition and start the cleaning process room by room as mentioned in the list.

2. Put Away All the Distractions and Get Everyone Involved

The biggest distractions are cellphones, even if you pick it up for a minute just to check notifications, you would end up scrolling your newsfeed for hours. So, put away the cellphones while you are cleaning your house so that you complete it as soon as possible. Furthermore, get your family members together, divide the tasks and work as a team, in this way, the work would be done much more efficiently and in extremely less time. If you’re alone, the best option is to call up the same day cleaning service, which do all this expertly.

3. The Entrance of the House

Once you have prepared everything and gathered all the stuff required for cleaning, start with the entrance of your house. Remove all the cobwebs on the edges of the wall, disinfect the doorknobs and wipe the floor using anti-bacterial surface cleaner. All of this would not consume more than 10 minutes.

4. Living Room

Now it’s time to clean the living room. Take a basket and put in it all the unnecessary things that are not needed in your living room. Clear the mess, put the cushions in an orderly manner on the sofa. Dust the furniture and sweep the floor again using the same anti-bacterial floor cleaner. If you have carpet in your house then you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Try to complete all these tasks within 10-12 minutes.

5. Kitchen

If there are dirty dishes in your kitchen, first of all, collect them all and put them into the sink or dishwasher. Clear the clutter from the kitchen counter and put the dishes at their respective places. Wash the dishes in the sink, take a sponge and clean the stove and the slab around it. Kitchen cabinets are highly susceptible to getting dirty spots which are however easily removed using a damp cloth or sponge. Clean the cabinets and wipe off the appliances. Lastly, clean the floor with a mop. You can complete your kitchen tasks in about 12-15 minutes.

6. Bedrooms

Now comes the main rooms of the house. Clear bed and remove all the superfluous stuff from it, change the sheets if required (tuck the sheet under the mattress so that they don’t get messy too frequently), dust off your bed, dressing table and all the furniture in the room. Vacuum the room if it’s carpeted otherwise use surface cleaners and sweep the floor appropriately. Also, don’t just pick up stuff from one place and throw it at another place, put everything to the place where they actually belong so that your room gets clutter-free and everything gets back to their respective places. Spend only 10-15 minutes in every bedroom.




7. Bathroom

Bathrooms should be neat and clean 24/7 because leaving a bathroom dirty can give rise to millions of germs and diseases. You can clean your bathrooms every alternate day quickly by following these tips; clean the countertops of your bathroom, clean the watermarks from the mirror and shower case using glass cleaners, wash the toilet with toilet cleaners and brush it properly, wash the bathtub, pick out the dirty clothes hanging in the bathroom and throw them into the laundry. Once all of these things are done, sweep the floor with ultimate care. To clean your bathroom, around 5-8 minutes would be enough. If you want the ease of mind, you can use the same day residential cleaning service that would do all this for you.

8. Doorknobs

As you enter every room of the house to clean it, take along a disinfectant spray and a soft cloth. Clean the doorknobs of every room using the spray. For the proper hygienic environment, it is important to pay close attention to small things such as doorknobs and clean them on a regular basis. This would hardly take 30 -40 seconds to clean the doorknobs of a single door.

9. Garden

Having a lush green garden in your house is so refreshing but, it requires maintenance too. You can clean your garden fast by sweeping away the dead leaves that have fallen into the garden from trees, pick dead leaves from the plants and provide adequate water to them. Also, dust the furniture that you have put in your garden.

10. Clean the Walkway

Once the inside of the house is clean, sweep the dust from the walkway of your home as well so that if anyone comes to visit your home, they are not welcomed by dead leaves and dust.

11. Gather All the Garbage and Throw It

After the completion of your home’s cleaning, gather all the dust and garbage that you have collected from every room into a single and bigger garbage bag, tie a knot and throw it into the garbage bin outside your house.

12. Freshen the Air with Perfumed Spray

Take an air freshener with a mild and appealing fragrance and spray it in every room of your house so that you feel much better as you enter any room of your clean and tidy house.


These aforementioned tips are super easy and barely convenient that anyone can follow and clean their house in less than an hour. You can do the cleaning using materials usually present in every house. You can also use a professional cleaning service provider near your location for that if you are busy or can’t do it yourself. Good luck!