How professional home cleaning services do their job so perfect? Well, the answer lies in planning. The success of any project lies in excellent planning. It works the same for your home cleaning project too. Before taking the task, the companies do an assessment and devise their plan.

You can do the same when you are DIY-ing the monthly or weekly cleaning. Make a priority list of all the rooms, furniture, appliances, and so on. Now you will have a complete idea of how much effort required and where to use that.

You can use a checklist while compiling the cleaning plan. It will help you to check what needs and what does not needs to be cleaned.

Start with the easiest

Staring is the most challenging part of any job. It takes a whole lot of effort to start. After this, it is like a rolling stone that moves by it. Therefore, psychologists recommend starting with the easiest task while you are scared of the job.

During the planning phase, you know which one requires less effort. Thus, start with that task first. It not only finishes quickly but also gives you the confidence to carry on the entire project.  The next jobs will work out automatically with minimum struggle.

Deviate from Distractions

We have hundreds of distractions around us. Whenever we try to concentrate, they appear like pop-up ads and detour attention. Cleaning is no less meticulous than reading a book with an intricate plot. It requires in-depth attention to cover every nook and corner of the house.

If you receive calls and texts, social media notifications during the cleaning, it will distract your attention. Moreover, after a few moments, you will found scrolling down Facebook while the vacuum is waiting on the corner. Thus, make sure you removed all the distractions around you before starting the cleaning feast!

Schedule cleaning according to use

Which plates do you wash frequently? The fine china inside the storage or the ones you use every evening. Definitely the regular-used ones. The same rules go for cleaning. We clean those rooms or appliances first that are used regularly.

Professional cleaning services, while making the plan, focus more on the frequently used ones. They spent the first part of their schedule in those areas. Later, they move towards the less-used rooms.

When you are doing your cleaning, spend more time on the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms. Unless your in-laws are coming next weekend, you can skip the guest room for next week. How convenient is that?

Swap the soap away

Pro-level cleaners always start from the bathrooms. No wonder it needs more labor to wipe out all the soap scums and molds. Why the soaps make so much of scum? The tallow-based traditional soaps create more scums than vegetable oil or glycerin-based soap. Thus, if you want to cut the soap scum and maintain a sparkly bathroom wall, switch to those non-conventional soaps.

This small lifestyle change will save not only hundreds of bucks but also valuable time. Moreover, it will keep your skin far more glowing than before. You may think about the price tag about those soaps. Believe me; they are as affordable as the regular ones.




The Vacuum needs a makeover too

Have you ever thought about your vacuum? That small piece of the machine takes so much toll on your cleaning program. It may look simple in outlook; nevertheless, a lot of complex works goes on inside it. Therefore, it needs a good makeover too.

After every cleaning job, professional home cleaning services people detach all the washable parts of the vacuum and thoroughly clean those. Light liquid soaps with water are the best options to clean your cleaning machine. Make sure you dry them off after each wash. Otherwise, you will end up with a dark stain on the carpet.

No matter how frequent you use the vacuum, at least a weekly wipe with a soft cloth will go a long way.

Crumbs are only tasty on plates

We all prefer to enjoy crunchy chips or cookies. Some of us may prefer the salads with croutons or sandwiches made with the softest bread.  I love to have all of these, and it is obvious my plate will be full of crumbs. Those crumbs look fantastic as a post-meal Instagram pic; however; you will not like those on your favorite floor mats.

Therefore, it is essential to clear the crumbs at the beginning of your home cleaning weekend. Professional house cleaners’ advice to vacuum clean the corners of the kitchen tables, coffee tables, and patio. Those are the most crumb prone areas.

If your floor has carpets, you need to be more cautious. Use the carpet settings on your vacuum for an excellent finish. However, if you are too precise, use a hand brush for the tight corners.

Micro clean the Microwave

Microwave is the lifesaver in our hectic schedule. It can cook or warm almost any food item. Thus, it is very common to find out the traces of your last pizza party or late-night snack craving inside it. Most of us wipe the interior with wet clothes; however, that delicate machine needs more.

Whenever I asked for microwave cleaning advice from pro cleaners, I have found many options. Nevertheless, the easiest one is to warm up lemon and water inside the over and wipe. It will loosen all the tiniest grease so that you can clean it like a breeze.

Bathe the bathtub

We all love to spend time in the shower. After a busy and hectic day, it cleans out all the dirt and dust. Moreover, it refreshes your mood instantly. However, if you do not clean the bathtub walls and floor after each shower, you may not be that refresh on the next shower session.

Make sure you wipe the soap scum and dry the walls. You can get the best result if everyone in your family does the same. The professional home cleaning services will advise you the same for a sparkly bathroom.