Cleaning your house or office space looks like a very hectic task. Complete cleaning of your space means that there is a lot of stuff to cover. This includes even the tiniest details. With so much space to clean, it is natural that you miss some of the things. That’s why here is a perfect checklist of commercial cleaning for you.

1. Kitchen Area

A kitchen is a place that needs to stay clean and sanitized because if it is not, then there are many potential health hazards. A business needs to stay up to par with the cleanliness issue because it is ethical and it will also prevent any legal issues from the concerned organizations. Here is a commercial cleaning checklist for the kitchen.

  • Stock up hand sanitizers or hand soaps with the sink
  • Mop the kitchen floor with a good disinfectant
  • Countertops should be cleaned with a disinfectant
  • Daily take out the trash
  • Clean the exhaust from fats and oils
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator at least once a month
  • The microwave should be cleaned from the inside out
  • The eating area should be cleaned
  • Throw away any expired food
  • Place the dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • All the kitchen appliances should be cleaned like the toaster

2. Office Area

The office area is a very busy area because there is a lot of traffic going on there. Your daily office routine is carried out in this space. You need to keep this space as decluttered and clean as you can. A clean office also boosts the productivity of the worker which can result in good outcomes for projects in an office. Here is a checklist of office items to be cleaned.

  • Use disinfectants in the office to wipe
  • Wipe off the dust on shelves, desks, and drawers
  • Vacuum clean the carpet or mop the hardwood floor
  • Wipe, dust and clean the electronic devices with a soft hand. Use a screen-friendly spray to wipe off the monitor screen
  • Clean the trash can
  • Wipe the windows (if any)
  • Change the filters of HVAC vents and clean them from the inside as well
  • Wipe the glass surfaces of the desks with a glass cleaner
  • Dust off the blinds in the windows and their sill
  • If you have any silverware or cutlery/kitchenware from the kitchen, make sure you return it back




3. Restroom Area

The restroom needs special attention when it comes to cleaning. Restroom is the most germ infected area and you must keep it sanitized in order to ensure the safety of any sensitive workers. The restroom area should be wiped and sanitized at least once every two hours. Here is a checklist of commercial restroom cleaning.

  • Deploy hand sanitizers and hand soaps on each sink
  • Garbage in restrooms need to be removed constantly
  • Stock up on hand towels, toilet paper, and tissues
  • Deploy more than one trash cans
  • All the sinks need to be cleaned and sanitized
  • The mirrors in the restrooms also need attention so make sure that they are cleaned thoroughly
  • Cleansing of the door and the knob is also important as hands touch them constantly, making it a habitat for germs and bacteria
  • Restroom floors need to be mopped with disinfectant
  • Toilets, urinals, and stalls should be cleaned and sanitized
  • The floor should not remain wet
  • Any plumbing problems should immediately be reported before it gets worse
  • Place hand dryers in the restroom and ensure that they work properly
  • Place hand showers to spray water on the toilet after each use
  • Wipe and clean the bathroom countertops

4. Lunch Break Area

The lunch break area is often placed not too far away from the kitchen or sometimes in some offices, it is placed inside the kitchen. Although, the cleansing of this area is also very important as the staff and coworkers eat their lunch and drink coffee in this area. Here is a checklist of commercial lunch break area cleaning for you to mark off.

  • Empty out the refrigerator from unclaimed items
  • Empty out the refrigerator from expired items
  • Clean out the coffee maker after emptying it from the inside
  • Keep a hand sanitizer beside the sink and keep it stocked up
  • Make sure that the trash cans are empty
  • Wash the dirty dishes placed in the sink
  • Use disinfectant to sanitize the sink

5. Miscellaneous

A lot of other areas should also be cleaned if you really are looking to clean up the entire office. Reception is one of these areas and it must be in your commercial cleaning checklist. Here is a checklist of these miscellaneous areas.

  • At the reception, place a front mat to welcome the people
  • Any decorations in the office should be neat and clean
  • Reception desk and countertop should be thoroughly wiped for cleaning
  • On entrance, clean the front door (especially if they are glass doors)
  • Every piece of furniture needs to be vacuumed and cleaned
  • Clean the equipment at the reception desk
  • Wipe or clean the lamps and lampshades
  • Vacuum the whole office even from under the furniture
  • Dust the ceiling fans
  • Make the waiting area (if any) clean and organize the magazines in a proper manner




6. Other Commercial Cleaning Tips

There are some tasks of commercial cleaning that needs to be done daily, some cleaning tasks need a week or two and some tasks should be done at least once a month.

Daily Cleaning:

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Mopping with a disinfectant
  • Trash collecting
  • Look for cobwebs and clean them out if you find any
  • Clean the elevators and stairs

Weekly Cleaning:

  • Wipe the finger marks around the light switches
  • Hard floors should be spray buffed
  • All glass equipment must be cleaned inside out with a sponge

Monthly Cleaning:

  • Take out or replace the filters of HVAC vents
  • Chairs and tables should be vacuumed
  • Cleansing of the HVAC unit from the inside


Make sure that these basic cleaning procedures are carried out regularly by the cleaning department or the commercial cleaning service provider of your office. Make sure that they follow the commercial cleaning checklist and double-check their work because the repetition of these tasks can cause confusion which results in some areas being left uncleaned.