Setting up local house cleaning services is not only challenging but also complicated. However, what is the point of starting a new venture if there is no challenge or obstacles? We have rounded up some essential issues, if appropriately dealt, will enhance your unique business experience.

Are you ready for the house cleaning business?

Yes, the question may sound very easy, but you will found it highly complicated to answer. The house cleaning services do not require any special skills. However, it is a strenuous job. You need to be physically fit and active to succeed in this profession.

Office skills

Moreover, office skills are essential to run house-cleaning services. As a local company, you may know all customers, but maintaining professional communication is vital. You need to be very organized and skillful in maintaining schedule and dealing last-minute changes.

Professional Communication

Communication is the heart of every business. The more you can interact, the more your customer will be satisfied. As a feedback oriented business, you need a great deal of communication to run a commercial cleaning service. A friendly approach and proactive attitude will go a long way for your business.

Money Management

Business requires a great deal of money management. Therefore, you need to know each nook and corner of finance and accounting. The best way to start a business would be to open a business account along with getting the business license.

Make a full proof Business Plan

Perfect planning provides the base of any successful business. Almost 90% of business failure takes place due to the lack of preparation. When you decided to start a house cleaning service, the first issue should be the type of cleaning service.

Business Types

House cleaning service is a diverse business. You can offer a wide range of services including open home cleaning, post-party cleaning, green cleaning and many more. Which one you want to provide is solely your decision. However, it will be wise to do some research on different cleaning services in your locality.

Get your accounting software

You have decided your business type now it is time for setting up the accounting system. Currently, hundreds of free and paid software are available in the market. You can get one based on your budget. Whatever you use, make sure to get a complete overview of the functions. If you are not comfortable with the software, grab the old school spreadsheet!

Setting up the price

How much you should charge for the services. Well, you do not need a degree in ‘costing.’ Some research on the price tags of the existing house cleaning services should do. You can either charge an hourly or project basis. Whichever you chose, keep the price tag affordable and competitive. If your budget permits offer low priced ‘introductory deals.’


Get proper supplies

When you are going to clean houses, you need cleaning supplies. Yes, it is obvious! The more updated cleaning equipment you have, the more the customer will be satisfied. Therefore, getting the right and top-quality instruments and chemicals for your business at the beginning is vital.

Get eco-friendly chemicals

People are now more concerned about the environment and personal safety. Thus, using eco-friendly and less harsh chemicals will be a good idea. Moreover, if you can use natural cleaning products, you will get positive responses from the customers. Showing up in the workplace with the most trusted brand of supplies will surely boom your business.

Professional clothing is the must

Try to get appropriate clothing for the job. As the work involved handling dirt, dust, and chemicals, you need to have some coveralls. However, if the budget is tight for it uses some old but presentable clothing while you are on the go. Having multiple sets of work clothes will save you from frequent washing.

Cleaning instruments

Cleaning instruments like vacuum cleaners, blower, and brushes need to be top-notch for a great start. In some instances, you can use customers vacuum. However, it may not look professional. Do some researches on the vacuum market to check the highest customer satisfaction.


Transportation will be an essential part of your local house cleaning services. You need a vehicle to carry the supplies to the customer’s doorsteps. If you have a car of the appropriate size than you are good to go, otherwise you may have to rent one. Before you get the rental vehicle, make a reasonable calculation on how much the cost will effect on your business.


Set up a marketing strategy

Now you are all set with a business license, supplies, and your transport. It is time to let people know so that they can call for your service. A marketing plan can help either boom or doom your business. It depends on how well-devised the plan is. Therefore, be extra cautious about it.

Business Branding

Branding set up the tone of your business. It is all about how you portray your services to the clients. While choosing the brand name, logos, or any graphics related to your business, make sure it truly represents what you offer. Additionally, put all of these in your business website.

Make a great webpage

You need a considerable investment on the website. Gone those days of going through the directory and push the phone buttons. Now potential clients will search you on the web and hire you through that too. Therefore, you need a website that includes your branding, the services offered, and the testimonies of existing clients. Moreover, you can also use social platforms. A photograph of the house before and after your cleaning will tell ‘millions of words’ for you.

Advertise locally

As a local business, you need to advertise locally. What could be the best place for it than the local pubs, groceries, or church bulletin board? You have to tailor your advertisement materials in a way so that it not only drag attention but also give a ‘neighborhood business’ feel. You can print flyers, leaflets and distribute it among the potential clients.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Try to get feedback after every successful project. The positive ones will adorn the testimony section of the website, whereas the negative ones will help to overcome pitfalls. Offer post-survey benefits if your budget permits for more interactive reactions.